In order to provide you with a clearer picture of the services and programs offered at The Excel Center of Lewisville, below you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. For answers to questions not found below, please contact us at (972) 906-5522.

What is the program at Excel Center of Lewisville?
Excel Center of Lewisville provides day treatment programs (PHP/IOP) for youth struggling with issues including: depression, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, PTSD, and poor anger/impulse control. Our program is a “middle step” of treatment for youth making the transition from inpatient treatment or as an alternative for those who are not responding to outpatient counseling. We offer a safe and structured environment while enabling patients to be home evenings and weekends to maintain important family and community relationships.

What are the symptoms of depression and anxiety in children and adolescents?
Depressive symptoms in children and adolescents are often different than in adults. Symptoms may include: irritability, easily frustrated or upset, over-reactions to small stressors, angry outbursts, focusing on only negative things, decreased interest in previously enjoyed activities, self-harm behaviors, diminished self-esteem, not taking care of hygiene, isolating self from family or thoughts about dying. Symptoms of anxiety may include: fear/avoidance of school, social anxiety, multiple physical complaints (stomachaches, headaches, dizziness, trembling), fear of being alone, constant need to be “perfect” or panic attacks.

Youth are separated by ages into specialized groups including Elementary, Young Adolescent, Adolescent and DBT. The program includes process group therapy, coping skills groups, family therapy and weekly individual treatment with a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. Excel Center of Lewisville also provides on-campus school through the Brazos Charter School to assist youth with keeping up with their academics while in treatment.

How long will my child be in the program?
The program is held Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Our average length of stay is four to six weeks. Discharge is dependent on your child’s progress, and continuous review of criteria for level of care by the psychiatrist and the treatment team.

Do I contact the insurance company concerning the fees?
No. Our business office contacts your insurance company at the time your child is admitted for treatment. The business office manager will inform you of your benefits, can facilitate financial arrangements for your co-pay and answer any questions concerning your benefits.

How do I get information on my child’s progress?
Your child is assigned a therapist case manager upon admission, who is available by phone daily, and can visit with you during family therapy sessions to discuss your child’s progress. Daily home reports are a good way to communicate with the therapists, nurses and teachers. Therapists and nurses are in group during the morning and check their voice mail regularly. Phone calls will be returned as soon as possible.

How do I address school issues during admission and throughout my child’s stay at Excel?
If admitted, you will register your child for enrollment in
our on-campus Brazos River Charter School during treatment. The school registrar will contact your child’s home school for current course requirements. Any special concerns you have about school can be addressed by the school registrar at (972) 906-5522.

How am I involved in my child’s progress?
Family participation is a key component in the treatment program through individual family therapy, treatment and discharge planning. It helps facilitate improved functioning within the family and home environment.

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